“It is important for nurses to be able to develop and progress in their careers, to ensure that are providing the best service they can for patients. 

However, in speciality areas such as Rheumatology Nursing there seems to be a lack of structure and access to good quality education that meets the needs of the nurse. University course are often expensive, the costs of which cannot be met by many trusts, and nurses need to take time out of work and travel to access these courses which again is not ideal.

 Rheumatology nurse understand their knowledge and skills should be supported by a educational framework to enhance their practice, but where is this education for them to access? 

 Learning Rheum aims to fill these gaps, delivering Rheumatology Nurse education focused on the core skills needed in this specialist nursing role in an easy to understand and accessible way. We will aid nurses to link the theory of Rheumatology to their practice. Nurses are able to learn in their own time using the educational resources which are delivered in a multitude of ways accessed through a brand new online educational portal, which brings the education right to the nurse, anytime and anywhere they want to access it.

 The Learning Rheum online portal has enhanced the way we can provided this essential training and the beauty of it is that it will grow as the speciality grows making sure rheumatology nurse have the access to the most up to date information and education.

 Learning rheum is made by a Rheumatology Nurse for Rheumatology Nurses, and I sincerely believe it will help many nurses in the speciality develop in their roles and into excellent practitioners.”

 Julie Begum

Learning Rheum Founder